COVID-19 is causing carrier transit delays.


United States:

Some areas in the postal service are impacted more than others.   News stories have been circulating about a shortage of workers and not being able to use flights that were once used to transport mail. 

The transit times are hit or miss;  some packages are arriving on time, while others are severely delayed. 

During a delay, there will either be constant "in transit" tracking updates, or there may be no updates at all. 

Here are some states we've noticed the largest impacts with and on average how long it takes a package to get from us in New York to this state:

Florida.              1-2+ weeks
Georgia.             2-3+ weeks  
Michigan*.          4-6 weeks
New Jersey.        1 week
North Carolina.   2+ weeks
Ohio*.                4-6 weeks
Tennessee.         2-3 weeks   

**UPDATE 7/21/20:   We have suspended shipping to Michigan and Ohio due to the extreme delays.  Even though we are noting these delays, we are still receiving constant complaints about it, therefore have stopped.

UPDATE 7/1/20:  We are no longer shipping via Express (2 day delivery).  90% of those deliveries took 1 week to arrive to any destination.

UPDATE:  UPS is no longer being offered due to lost shipments and delays.

Example. Toledo, OH.    Shipped 6/2. Delivered 6/15.
Example. Toledo, OH.    Shipped 6/8. Delivered 6/19.

Example. Westland, MI.  Shipped 6/6.  Delivered 6/23
Example. New Haven, MI.  Shipped 6/12. Delivered 6/27.
Example: Pickney, MI. Shipped 6/20.  Delivered 7/15.
Example: Plymouth, MI. Shipped 7/7.  Delivered 7/22.
Example: Sheridan, MI. Shipped 7/6.  Delivered 7/30
Example: Warren, MI. Shipped 6/23.  Tracking stopped updating on 6/30. Departed Detroit 8/2.  Delivered 8/5.


Though your state may not be on this list, there is still the potential for a delay.

We will continue to update this page as states either improve or get worse.

 Michigan Delays widely reported on: 

Wall Street Journal Report HERE

Ohio media reporting on Detroit Delays HERE

WXYZ Michigan Delay report  HERE


 On average, we are seeing shipments take 1-2 months to arrive.  Some are sneaking through and arriving earlier, but others are at a halt. 

Tracking will show only that we shipped the package -OR- that it arrived at the New York City International Distribution Center.  From there, tracking just stops until Canada Post has the package in their possession. 

Please note that if you see a pause in your tracking, we cannot provide any status updates and just have to advise to wait.

We temporarily stopped shipping to Canada because of the severe delays, but have since resumed by popular demand to do so.  Please be patient and know that item has the potential to take a long time to arrive.

 From the Canada Post Website

"Many international postal operators are experiencing delays and some have suspended operations. However, Canada Post continues to deliver all mail and parcels once they arrive in Canada. If you have ordered something from abroad, you may experience a longer than normal waiting period."


Other International:

Mail delivery to and within other countries has been severely delayed.
At this time, we have temporarily suspended International shipping (except to Canada)

USPS website for up-to-date information on their current status: