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Testimonial submitted May 01, 2020

I just received the overlays for jeep "4x4 and limited" badges. I LOVE them! They were so easy to apply. I love the care that the company put into the application instructions and packaging. Will absolutely be ordering more overlays.

Amanda from Indiana

Testimonial submitted April 30, 2020

I purchased a black Chevy bow-tie product mid-April during the Coronavirus pandemic, so naturally, the shipping took longer than usual. I reached out to the Reflective Concepts team because my shipment status wasn't making any progress for about a week after they already shipped it out. They responded promptly and professionally. Fantastic customer service throughout this process - Matt helped me out.

Brendon from Michigan
*Review edited for brevity

Testimonial submitted February 4, 2020

Recently bought (from their eBay site) and installed the decal overlays for my 2019 Ram 1500 Rebel, the "REBEL" in the tailgate and the "1500, HEMI 5.7L" on the hood. The Decals were exact fit and high quality and the price was just outstanding. Seen other vendors (some overseas vendors, China) with lower quality decals charging more. Will definitely buy from this vendor again in a heartbeat. Quality products from Reflective Concepts.


Testimonial submitted November 7, 2019

This place and their employees are AWESOME!! i made a mistake when i ordered they tried to send me the correct ones. i say tried because then i had an issue with the post office and reflective concepts sent me out another set because i never received the corrected set!!!

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! Will defiantly purchase from in the future!!!

Thank you all again you are a pleasure to deal with!


Testimonial submitted October 9, 2019
Just got done my Engine Cover Overlay Decals on my scat pack absolutely awesome I must say,I 'm happy with it.

Testimonial submitted September 29, 2019
I bought the blue reflective Pontiac overlay for the rear of my 99 Grand Prix around 10 years ago. I loved that 2 full sets were included, as I did manage to mess up a couple of letters on the first try. Long story short, when I finally sold the car a year or so back, the vinyl still looked great and was very reflective. The guy I sold it to thought it came from the factory that way! Will definitely be buying bowtie overlays for my new to me 2015 Malibu soon, because I know the quality of these decals are beyond extraordinary.

Testimonial submitted May 27, 2018
I have ordered a bunch of decals and have been satisfied with every single one of them. Shipping and quality is VERY satisfying. Emailed and received replies quickly. I would definitely recommend this company.
Christy from Pennsylvania

Testimonial submitted April 5, 2018
The best stickers in the world ! I got my first stickers for my 16 HELLCAT from Canada and they sucked and fell apart during application, I found your website and what a difference! The best quality and really easy to apply. I just ordered another set ! You guys really know what you’re doing and for me it’s definitely what I was looking for , I would recommend this site without hesitation! Thanks and the Cat gets nothing but great compliments thanks to these decals .
James from Texas

Testimonial submitted December 20, 2017
Purchased ram 1500 decals (stickers) somebody was thinking when they designed these really easy to apply was really fun not a chore thanks
Rick from Arizona

Testimonial submitted November 29, 2017
Numerous transactions over past years and this last one was just as great--Excellent product and excellent shipping process.
Allen from Zephyrhills, Florida

Testimonial submitted September 30, 2017
Very impressed with the quality, speed of delivery and customer service, We purchased several items and each time it made that area stand out for the better. So glad we found Reflective Concepts.
Richard from Uvalde, Texas

Testimonial submitted May 30, 2017
I ordered your lettering/strip kit for my 392 hemi charger, all I can say is what a great quality product, it really gives the engine bay that extra juice. THANKS
Tom from Brooklyn, New York

Testimonial submitted March 1, 2017
Absolutely quality product. Kudos to Matt for his patience, (I had several questions, which Matt answered quickly, and made some excellent suggestions), knowledge of the product, and professionalism. I would definitely buy from this company again. Thanks again.
Kerr from Ontario, Canada

Testimonial submitted February 27, 2017
Very happy!!!
Nicole from Zephyrhills, FL

Testimonial submitted December 10, 2016
Quality Decals. Every item I have purchased from Reflective Concepts has been to high standards, very detailed instructions and great looks. I'm very happy with the products.
David from Westerville, OH

Testimonial submitted November 6, 2016
These are Excellent Emblem overlays and Looks Great!!! ,Thanks Ben
Ben from Odessa, TX

Testimonial submitted September 12, 2016
Wanted to say thanks for the Chevy decal. I just recieved it in the mail and just now put it on! I included a picture:) I have a white Tahoe, but black emblems outside. I wanted one to match for the inside emblem. Thanks so much!
Kiersten from Lincoln, NE

Testimonial submitted January 17, 2016
I ordered for the first time from reflective concepts and could not be happier with the products received. I ordered several decal's for a 2015 Camaro and they shipped very fast and are just as described. I'd definitely recommend these products.
Jeff from Goldsboro, NC

Testimonial submitted June 23, 2015
Very happy with the product and the prompt delivery. You guys rock !
Antonia from Canada

Testimonial submitted May 11, 2015
I ordered some custom made bow tie inserts for my 2014 Chevy Silverado center caps. I got them in timely manner and they were easy to install. They look like I actually took the center caps to get the bowtie emblem painted.
Juan from Texas

Testimonial submitted January 09, 2015
Just got my Holden tee shirt and it is high quality. Thank you for making one available.
Rob from Ohio

Testimonial submitted November 18, 2014
Wow!!! You outdid yourselves again. Great lettering and it is just right. Thanks for fixing my choice dilema. I'll be back!!
Paul from Idaho

Testimonial submitted September 22, 2014
Actually I ordered from them via amazon, and I ordered steering wheel decal for my chevy Tahoe, and Im quite impressed about the great and excellent quality, and the reflective black is the best color in my opinion. Even my friends asked me where did I get the decal and I told them about Reflective Concepts.

Testimonial submitted July 29, 2014
I had some questions about the Rally Stripe Kit for my 2014 Silverado and emailed the company, a short time later I received my response along with the installation instructions, I ordered the stripe kit . Shipping was fast and free. Customer service is outstanding, the stripe kit went on perfect and looks great, I am so happy with this company I ordered the Hash Mark decal too. What can I say, more companies should be like them, Thanks so much, Steve
Steve from Watertown, CT

Testimonial submitted July 14, 2014
I worked with Matt with some custom pieces for my Camaro...He knew exactly how to put my ideas and what I wanted onto vinyl...fantastic interaction with the company...top notch...would highly recommend.
Chris from Midland Park, NJ

Testimonial submitted June 25, 2014
These guys are class acts, excellent products and very helpful.
Gary from Milford, MA

Testimonial submitted June 21, 2014
Just wanted to tell everyone at Reflective Concepts that your product is outstanding and the customer service is great! I received my GTO inlay very quickly and installed it today. It looks awesome! I look forward to purchasing more products from you for my car and I'm telling all my car buddies to check out your products. Thank so much!
Christopher from Ellsworth, ME

Testimonial submitted October 17, 2013
I should have sent this weeks ago. But i went Gung-Ho! and decided that the gold on the steering wheel had to go. Just wanted to email everyone at Reflective Concepts. Especially MATT who emailed me some directions during a time I doubted if this was a good idea. Well I should not have doubted. I ordered two versions. Gloss white and Flat Black. I went with the Flat black. and it matches almost perfectly to to the background as far as color and even the texture. I think im the only person who knows its only a decal. Such a sharp inexpensive accessory that im very proud of finding. Thanks Again!
Thomas from Ohio

Testimonial submitted August 23, 2013
Customer service, and product appearance is top drawer. Email "gitbacks" rapid, concise, and helpful. MATTUDAMAN. Was dealing with what I considered to be a difficult color match without seeing actual lay over on vehicle. Sent me all three colors in question to enable me to make a decision. Worked out well, ordered everything. Could not have asked for a better buying experience. Thanks, Matt.
Ted from Tampa, FL

Testimonial submitted July 11, 2013
For my 2012 Traverse, I bought the bowtie decals in 3D Carbon Fiber for the steering wheel and front and rear emblems. Super easy to install, only took my husband about 5 minutes for all 3 decals. They look awesome and make my Traverse stand out a little differently than all the others out there. Matt at RC was great to correspond with and answer my email questions right away. Will totally recommend!!
Tracy K

Testimonial submitted May 6, 2013
i have bought numerous items from our friends here and the quality is top notch! im a customer for life
Steve from New York

Testimonial submitted March 23, 2013
Matt and his company has been so great to deal with -- quality materials and workmanship, creative assistance, and over all top quality service.
Gary from Florida

Testimonial submitted via email March 22, 2013
Really happy with all aspects of your business (price, quality, CUSTOMER SERVICE and delivery).
Chris from Ontario Canada

Testimonial submitted March 17, 2013
Very happy about arrow overlay purchase,recieved it fast and can't wait to put it on when it's warm outside.Thanks will be a repeat customer!
Keith from Sycamore,Il

Subject: GTP Badge Overlays
I was surprised at the accuracy on the side badge overlay with the [Reflec-Dome]. They look and fit better than the previous overlays I bought. ... Top quality decals!!!

Subject: Grand Prix Arrowhead Overlay with Reflec-Dome
I ordered a black with silver outline with the new Reflec-Dome and I absolutely love the way it looks on my car. I couldn't be any happier with this product.

Subject: Thanks
Thanks again for being so easy to work with and order from. Can't wait for the new change of color for my emblem and inlays

Subject: Club Logo
Hey, I just wanted to thank u guys for the great work u did on the website decals. I love em. I'm sure everybody's gonna want to get a set made for their cars when they see mine. Great work for a great price, thanks!
Mike from Oakdale, MN

Subject: Reflec-Dome Arrowhead
couldn't be happier with the way it looks. It's amazing how such a subtle thing makes a huge difference on the appearance of a car. Thanks for all the great products you guys produce, everything i've bought from you has been top notch.

Subject: Arrowhead Replacement Decal
This is with the "reflect-dome" on top. it is SOOOOO worth the extra money. I can't wait untill i have enough money to paint the lower front and rear facias galaxy silver and get some reflect-dome rear PONTIAC inlays.
Vinnie P from New Jersey

Subject: Customer Service
...I will be a repeat customer, and will recommend you guys to everyone I know! I love working with businesses who have the same customer service mentality that I do. Thank you very much!
Joe from WI

Subject: Website Decals
Want to let you know I recieved these a fw days ago. I am VERY IMPRESSED!!!!!! I am in the process right now of switching out cars. once the 2001 GTP is in the garage I will begin putting them on. I will take detailed pics!!! These are killer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You did a great job! keep up the awesome work!!!!!
Jacob C. from Illinois

Subject: GTP Badge Overlays
Hi, I am very happy with the gtp badge overlay I got. It fits perfect, looks awesome, and makes a very noticeable difference. Heres a few pictures, turned out better than I expected.
Kyle from AB, Canada

Subject: Oil Cap Overlay
I purchased this overlay in black with a brushed aluminum arrowhead. I also added the reflec-dome option to the overlay. Looks great installed.
Michael from California

Subject: Order Update
I installed the inserts and they look great! They were easy to do and look like they came with the car... actually look like they should have come with the car. I have hated the white colored original inserts. Thanks again for the product and the easy application process.
Bill from Idaho

Subject: Customer Service
I was speaking to one of my friends with a GTP and we both agreed on one thing. We've never seen such great customer service as we've seen with you guys. Keep up the good work, i've ordered tons of stuff online and never experienced such an awesome customer service. We will make sure and keep you highly recommended to anyone looking for decals.
Chris from NY

Subject: Valve Cover and Oil Cap Overlays
was very impressed with the way the valve cover and oil cap overlays fit.
Michael from Kansas

Subject: You're the best
You guys are the best. Great costumer service and easy to use site! keep it up!
Keith from PA

Subject: Oil Cap Overlay
Got the sticker a few days back and it looks absolutely awesome I must say. Thanks Again
Ryan from Holton, KS