Vinyl Wrap

Ships within 1-2 business Days.

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Gloss Black is a glossy black wrap film.
Flat Black is a matte black wrap film.
3D Carbon Fiber is textured Carbon Fiber Wrap film.

  • This material will wrap nearly any smooth, hard object.
    - Use it on your car, cell phone, laptop, game system, tablet, wall switch plates, etc... 
  • Can be tacked down, then re-positioned.
  • Dry application with Air Release technology.
  • Removable Adhesive.
  • Conforms to shape and stretches (heat gun or hair dryer required)
  • 6.2 Mil thick
Available in 14" width.  You choose the length.  Pricing includes shipping.

Note: There may be some color variance between each roll of vinyl.  This means if you order the same color at a later date than the initial order, you may see a difference in the color. 

LENGTH NOTE:  All cuts are 'rough cuts' and not exact to the size ordered.
For Example, if you order a 14" x 5" sheet, it may be slightly larger on each side (never smaller).   
*Don't see a size available, need this cut in a particular shape or an exact accurate size?  Contact us for further customization.