Warranty Information


Decals are guaranteed to be free of defects upon the date of delivery.   

Should any defects be noticed, they should be reported to us immediately and before using the decals.  

Once the decals are removed from the backing paper, they cannot qualify for a replacement.

Limited Warranty-  
Guaranteed to be free of manufacturer defects within 30 days of the shipment receipt date.  Items with this warranty are (but not limited to) Windshield Decals and decals applied to engine covers.

What qualifies:

If your decal is fading from the sunlight or has peeled off from normal every day wear-and-tear, we will honor replacing it at no charge (shipping fees may apply). 

What does not qualify:

Any item improperly installed does not qualify for a warranty.  Consult a professional installer or contact us directly should you have any questions regarding installation.  Normally if a decal starts to peel off after hours, days, weeks or months of being applied, it is because the application surface was not properly cleaned or the decal was not properly applied.  It will take far more time to clean the surface than it will to actually apply the decal. 

Under no cirsumstance do we take responsibility for the installation of a decal unless we do it ourself.  Reflective Concepts reserves the right to determine whether your defect is the fault of installation or a material defect.  

If you take your vehicle through an automatic or touchless car wash or use a pressure washer to clean, the warranty is considered void.  The pressure from the water can very easily take off any decal.  This is considered forceful removal and product neglect.  We recommend hand washing with LIGHT water pressure if there are ANY decals on the car (not only ours). 

DO NOT THROW AWAY YOUR PRODUCT(S)!  If you remove and discard, misplace or otherwise no longer have the product in your posession, the warranty is VOID.   No exceptions.  You cannot show a defect on an item you no longer have.

How to get a replacement:

Simply use the Contact Us link above or reply to your order confirmation email.  Explain the problem in detail and attach a photo.  Please note, we will require you to REMOVE the decals that are already applied and send them back to us before we issue you a replacement.  A replacement is not sent for any item that is not returned back to us and our staff must approve the replacement.  Please be sure to include your order number with your request for order verification.  Reflective Concepts reserves the right to refuse a replacement or number of replacements for any reason. 


If we determine the product will be replaced, the customer is responsible for all shipping fees.  This includes the fee to return the product back to us and the fee to have the new replacement shipped.