GM gave the Silverado 1500 a facelift for the 2016 model year.  The lines of the hood are bulging, recessed and curvy ... just begging for some graphics, which we tackled this Fall with a few new kits.

Rally Edition (View Here):   
This kit is styled after the factory Rally Edition Stripes.  The stripes sit on the top of the hood and follow the angled bends and across the front.  It was a very fun design to create, but it's more fun to drive with it on the truck.

Recessed Inserts (View Here):
These decals sit on the flat recessed part of the back of the hood.  The strobe-like front edge of the graphic gives it the effect that the graphic is flowing right into the hood.

Hood Spears (View Here):
The vinyl rides up the raised section of the hood and really break up the body lines subtly, but nicely.

Hood Accent Kit (View Here):
This is our personal favorite.  The outer graphic has the dual stripes at the front, which ties into the double bars GM uses on the headlights and grille.    The inner stripes accent the center just enough to not call out for a ton of attention.
The kit really brings out all of the lines of the hood and styling and is sure to turn heads.

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