SRT Center Cap Overlay Decals for Grand Cherokee SRT

Sale price$12.00

Vinyl decal designed to overlay the raised SRT lettering on the factory center caps. 

  • Six (6) SRT stickers provided [4 + 2 extras].
  • Simple peel-and-stick application. Installation instructions included.

NOTE: This is a sale for a vinyl decal(sticker) only, not an actual center cap. The factory center cap must already be in place in order to use this product.


2015-2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT


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Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Jeffrey S.
High Quality- Perfect Fit

You always knock it out of the park with high quality products. I really appreciate the extra product. You give me the confidence to apply your product knowing if I mess up I have another one to correct it.


Perfect,exactly what I wanted, with a couple extra 👍🏽

Christopher S.

Great service, great product, very fast shipping..

Jay M.
2023 Hellcat SRT Reflective Silver

Pictures with and without flash for just the tires do you can compare. The extended side view of the car is taken with flash. The front wheel doesn’t have them, but the rear does in that extended photo, so as you can see it’s hard to tell at least in the daytime. The last picture, ignore my concept typed wording on the fender; for some reason I couldn’t delete it and was too lazy to go back outside haha. Just take your time and properly align. I was skeptical they would stick or probably fall of while driving but they have held up pretty well and I have no issues. I feel like my reflective black reflects better but it’s hard to tell with silver. I still like them overall and think they look good with the flash. Wish I could see how they look from another car while driving. They send extras just in case you mess up so again take your time and properly prep the surface. I use a mix of degreaser and alcohol to be certain.

Derek E.
these were tough

out of the 4-5 products ive bought from reflective concepts these were the most problematic. First the decals dont fully cover the letters, as you can see from my pictures. It does not matter what angle you put them on some of the silver is exposed. Then they are extremely meticulous to stay on. Hard plastic with pressure, my finger pressure, pressure along the edges. It just kept pulling up when trying to peel off the backing. Not bad decals. Concerned with longevity with how hard they were to get to sick. Also only received 2 extras when this seller usually sends a whole other set with it ordered. Hopefully it lasts okay.

The image shows these are applied too far to the right. All of the right ends are overhanging the edges, which is why the silver is showing all around just the left sides. Because those ends are not even stuck onto the surface, that will make removing the transfer tape difficult. If these are shifted to the left, the right ends will be stuck down and that silver will be covered.

The quantity is noted in the item description and includes extras.

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